With the advent of Globalization and Industrialization taking place at a rapid pace the world over today, we are faced with Crimes of a nature which is becoming institutionalized and hard to detect. Corporate Crimes is a major challenge to the legal fraternity, the law makers, and the law enforcers.

Corporate crimes in a globalize economy has no borders and can affect the economies of countries on a large scale and on a smaller scale can cause huge losses to Corporate houses and bring to halt the functioning of their businesses. Keeping in view the disadvantages brought by the changing economy we render our expert advice to corporate houses and also leading corporate personalities in mitigation of Corporate Crimes like:

  • Antitrust violations,
  • Computer and internet fraud,
  • Credit card fraud,
  • Phone and telemarketing fraud,
  • Bankruptcy fraud,
  • Healthcare fraud,
  • Environmental law violations,
  • Insurance fraud,
  • Tax evasion,
  • Financial and securities fraud,
  • Insider trading
  • False and misleading advertising,
  • Illegal exploitations of employees,
  • Mislabeling of goods,
  • Violation of weights and measures,
  • Selling adulterated foodstuffs
  • Evading corporate taxes
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Embezzlement
  • Black marketing,
  • Profiteering and hoarding
  • Work place crimes
  • Smuggling and violation of foreign exchange
  • Data theft