Biotechnology refers to a diverse set of traditional and new technologies that use biological systems, living organisms or derivatives to produce products or processes for a specific use. The Biotech Industry in India is witnessing accelerated growth due to new enterprise and innovation. Our Firm has extensive experience in biotechnology sector. Our Firm advises clients on statutory and regulatory requirements. We have assisted Bharat Biotech International Ltd. in preparing technical research papers, obtaining necessary licences and regulatory and statutory approvals, provided consultancy services and legal opinions on issues related to biotechnology sector. Our Firm provides assistance to its clients in patent and trademark portfolio strategy, creation and management, Intellectual property litigation, patent infringement and oppositions, Intellectual property opinions including validity, infringement, and peer review opinions, due diligence for financials, mergers & acquisitions, technology-driven agreements including in-depth knowledge of cross-border licensing, collaborations, R&D partnerships and consultation.