Revolutionized by liberalization, the aviation sector in India has been marked by fast- paced change in the past few years. From being a service that few could afford, the sector has now graduated to being a fiercely competitive industry with the presence of a number of private and public airlines and several consumer-oriented offerings.

The Indian aviation sector can be broadly divided into the following four categories:

  • Domestic airlines
  • International airlines
  • Non-scheduled operators (charter operators and air taxi operators) and
  • Air cargo services

We cater our clients with respect to all the aforesaid four categories of national and international aviation. Our Firm is well equipped to handle all legal and commercial matters related to aviation including litigation, corporate work, employment contracts, real estate contracts, passenger claims, baggage and freight claims and other related matters. Our assistance to the clients in the aviation sector includes:

  • Drafting Airport Agreement, Agreement for Sale, Purchase and Leasing of Aircraft Agreement.
  • Issues relating to airport infrastructure
  • Aviation related custom issues.
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Drafting of Airway Bills
  • Drafting sale, freight forwarding contract

Contract related

Our Firm has drafted various employment contracts and other property related agreements. Our team has adequate experience and skill to deal diligently with all the contract related cases pertaining to the aviation sector including aviation leasing and finance, registration and liability claims.

Labour and Consumer Related

Our Firm extensively deals in cases relating to passenger claims, and has an extensive experience of handling grounding of aircraft, hull, liability, carriage of cargo and passengers including insurance aspects and the Warsaw Convention which applies to all international carriage of persons, luggage or goods. We also deal with cases relating to transfer, promotion and increment of our clients working with the aviation sector.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our law firm also provides alternative dispute resolution services in the aviation sector.